Jeff decided in 2006 to move his family to the area that he had been visiting for a number of years. He wanted his children to grow up rich with outdoor pursuits and small-town values. Jeff’s return marks a reunion of sorts as his ancestors settled into Central Wisconsin at the turn of the 20th century, “We even have a road with our name on it where the old farmstead sits!”


Jeff has always had an interest in real estate, but he became passionate about it upon purchasing a 1928 California bungalow several years ago in the historic Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee. “I was enthralled with all of it; the original hardwoods, vaulted ceilings, virgin oak built-ins, and leaded glass. Itś no wonder this movement was referred to as American Craftsman. As I researched the Arts and Crafts movement, I decided to restore our property to era-specific fixtures and furnishings.” As each new fixture was added (Dale Tiffany, of course), and Stickley-inspired furnishings were laid out, Jeff noticed how the property took on a life of its own. Jeff would love the opportunity to assist you with your lifestyle property. ¨I love that United Country has branded the term, lifestyle property, as I truly believe that we are where we live. Itś a very compelling term and way to live life.¨


As a licensed School Counselor, Jeff has capitalized on his listening and problem-solving skills to achieve great success with the students and families he has served throughout his 20 year career in education. He knows the value of selflessness and civic engagement. He was instrumental advising a group of students in raising over $100,000 to help reduce Waupaca High School's carbon footprint through the installation of a photovoltaic solar array. He sits on the Waupaca Scholarship Foundation and works with local donors to create financial and educational opportunities for Waupaca High School students. Jeff is also a member of the Academic and Career Planning committee and has helped launch the “Waupaca Works” campaign while identifying local labor opportunities and making connections with our future labor force. Jeff knows the value of positively impacting our local community, economy, and our housing market!


Jeff also believes he is truly fortunate to work with a well-rounded, professional, and extremely competent group in what he would call the Central Wisconsin Real Estate Alliance, aka, Udoni and Salan! ¨I use the term ¨alliance¨ because it demonstrates the team-approach I have found to be so remarkable at Udoni and Salan. All you have to do is join us on a pontoon meeting on The Chain to know this is a special group.”


A passion for remote living in an off-the-beaten-path location is a major inspiration for him. At his Dutch Colonial hobby farm he enjoys riding his tractor while blazing new trails for skiing and hiking, or discovering a new deer trail to hunt with his crossbow. He also loves the wealth of water Central Wisconsin has to offer as it allows for his family to enjoy many paddle opportunities, or to throw a line in the water for the big one! ¨This is a magical place, not only in the country, but the world. I will never take that for granted and will always work to share my passion for this area with my clients.¨


Jeff would love the opportunity to help guide you to your dream property. Whether you are looking for a palace on The Chain, a cabin in the wood, an architecturally-significant property in town, or a hunting domain in the country, Jeff would be your number one advocate, and consider it a privilege to work with you.